Examples for integration of NetControl to different software systems.


php-logoControl and access NetControl with PHP (with SNMP and HTTP requests) new-icon

  netcontrol-php.zip (10.2019)


logo domoticzNode-RED flow for integrating NetControl and Domoticz (MQTT) 

  NetControl<->Domoticz Node-RED Flow (v2.1 updated 05.2020)


zabbix availableHost template for integration in Zabbix (SNMP)

  NetContro&Zabbix_APN_en.pdf (v1.2 02.2022)new-icon

  NetControl HostTemplate for Zabbix v5.4 (02.2022)new-icon

  Old template for Zabbix v2.x (02.2018)


cactiHost template for integration in Cacti (SNMP)

  NetControl HostTemplate for Cacti (02.2018)


logo pythonStoring alarm events to MySQL with Python code (MQTT) new-icon

  netcontrol_mqtt2mysql.zip (02.2020)