Examples for integration of NetControl to different software systems.


php-logoControl and access NetControl with PHP (with SNMP and HTTP requests) new-icon

  netcontrol-php.zip (10.2019)


logo domoticzNode-RED flow for integrating NetControl and Domoticz (MQTT) 

  NetControl<->Domoticz Node-RED Flow (v2.1 updated 05.2020)


zabbix availableHost template for integration in Zabbix (SNMP)

  NetControl HostTemplate for Zabbix (02.2018)


cactiHost template for integration in Cacti (SNMP)

  NetControl HostTemplate for Cacti (02.2018)


logo pythonStoring alarm events to MySQL with Python code (MQTT) new-icon

  netcontrol_mqtt2mysql.zip (02.2020)