VDS300 is used as an extension module to NetControl devices to give status for the presence/absence of AC voltage in the range 24 to 220VAC. VDS300 has optically isolated input/output solution which allow its safe connection to AC mains.

The presence of the AC voltage will be displayed in NetControl's Web interface with 'CLOSED' state of Alarm input; 'OPEN' state will respond to the absence of detected AC voltage.

Connection to NetControl

NetControl's 'Alarm' input (available in all models with '1A' symbols in model name) is used to connect VDS300. The cable coming out of VDS300 must be connected to Alarm's terminals as follows: black-red cable to 'GND' terminal; red cable to 'ALR' terminal.

The voltage that will be detected is applied trough the internal 2-pole terminal, located inside the VDS300 plastic box (i have to press gently the long side of box to release the top).

ATTENTION! Do not connect AC voltage, when not disconnected from remote side!!!

Note: If more than one VDS300 sensor needs to be connected to NetControl (most models have only one alarm input), the VDS300 could connect to some of the sensor inputs. Such a binding scheme is illustrated here.

Technical parameters

Detectable AC voltage 24 to 240VAC
Power consumption from detected voltage max. 4mA@220VAC
Output open collector
(optically isolated)
Response time 1-2s
Cable length for connection to 'Alarm' input 15сm