NetControl is often used to control heavy loads for which the built-in relay outputs are not sufficient as the maximum allowable current. In such cases, external power relays (contactors) must be used, whose coil is controlled by NetControl. These external relays have a large inductance that emits strong disturbances (voltage spikes) at the moment of disconnection. These interferences can affect NetControl itself and lead to interruption of the Ethernet link.

  To remove these disturbances, use the offered filter - ACS40. It is an RC sequence group (91R / 33nF @ 630V) that must be apllied in parallel to the load and absorbs these voltage spikes. The ACS40 has four independent filters that can be used to filter up to 4 inductive loads and can be connected in parallel to one load in order to increase filtration. Both of the end of the individual filters are output with the same color cable.

  The filter is in a polystyrene box, measuring 40x28x22mm. The wires come out of the box 9-10cm.

Connection to NetControl

  A typical circuit diagram is shown in the following scheme. It is important that the filter is installed as close as possible to the load with maximum short wires.