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This model is housed in a DIN rail mounting housing and its distinctive feature is the included  RS485 (RS232) serial port. There are also 7 relay outputs (5A/ 240VAC), 8 alarm inputs. All input-output circuits are made of screw terminals (detachable for alarm inputs and RS485).

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Important! The RS-485 hardware is only supported in specially designed firmwares for specific applications. Because RS485/232 communication is highly device-dependent, special software adaptations are required for each case. You will find already developed solutions at the bottom of the page, and if you need something else - contact us.


Input-output channels in NetControl 7R8A1RS

  • RS485 interface 1pc.
  • on / off / restart (4 normally open and 3 switching contacts) of up to 7 loads up to 5A / 240VAC (with the possibility of automatic restart in case of loss of PING to up to 8 IP addresses)
  • 8 alarm inputs for mechanical contact/button or AC voltage detector VDS300 for signalization (SNMP trap,MQTT, SPC Cloud) of events. temperature (via TDS300), humidity (HDS300), water (WDS300)
  • Housing made of light gray ABS V0 (self-extinguishing); dimensions 105x65x90mm


Basic functions and network protocols supported

  • 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet (Auto MDI/MDIX) with differential overvoltage surge protections
  • Supported protocols ARP/DHCP/ICMP/TCP/IP/SNTP/SNMP/TFTP client/WEB server/MQTT/SPC Cloud
  • 802.1q VLAN support
  • SNMPv1 (ONLY snmpget/snmpset) protocol for access to all parameters and functions
  • SNMP traps and MQTT events generation on input change
  • Flexible user-defined system of sequences of actions (Macros)
  • Start of macros on analog input change (Automation)
  • Start of Macros on PING lost to IP addresses (PING monitor)
  • Real-time software clock (RTC) with the ability to start Macros at user-defined time
  • WEB access to all parameters and functions
  • TFTP client for firmware update
  • Firmware update in Web interface



  • RS-485 <-> TCP / MQTT data transfer
  • Automation systems with remote access via the Internet
  • IP alarm system, such as panic buttons in hotels or security of telecommunication cabinets.
  • "Room Controller" for hotels, guest houses, etc.
  • restart (automatically in case of PING loss / manually) of network equipment (routers, ADSL modems, servers, etc.)
  • general purpose 7 channel relay module with Web/SNMP/MQTT/SPC Cloud control


Firmwares/applications with RS-485 interface

Application 1: Energy measurement at up to 16 points via PZEM 016 modules

The PZEM-016 is connected via a two-wire RS-485 line. The software allows addressing of up to 16 modules. IMPORTANT !!! NetControl expects the modules to have addresses from 1 to 16! The modules must be pre-programmed with the appropriate address (eg via USB-RS485 dongle).

Data from PZEM-016 - power consumption, load power, voltage, current, frequency and power factor, are available via the Web and MQTT.16 PZEM devices are read every about 35 seconds. If the WEB data is updated more frequently, the latest current measurement will be displayed. Addresses where there are no PZEM modules - will not be displayed on the WEB and no MQTT data will be sent for them.

Application 2: Gathering data from ASCI power meters

This firmware allows the reading of data from ASCI electricity meters (equipped with RS-485/Modbus communication interface) and the transfer of the total reading (sum of all tariffs) via MQTT. All possible 127 addresses are scanned.