LDS300 is used as an extension module to NetControl devices to give status of surrounding light (day/night sensors).

Connection to NetControl

NetControl's 'Alarm' input (available in all models with '_A' symbols in model name) is used to connect LDS300. The cable (2m) coming out of LDS300 must be connected to Alarm's terminals as follows: black-red cable to 'GND' terminal; red cable to 'ALR' terminal.

Keep tha Alarm input in "Contact switch (Alarm)" mode in settings: OPEN will denote for NIGHT (no light;  ADC values >1000), CLOSED is DAY (ADC values <200-300).

This sensor has a small trimmer integrated (access it with thin screw driver) to ajust the sensitivity. When trimmer is rotated up to the right (looking on it from the cable side) - the sensitivity to light is the highest; turn it counter clock-wise to make it less sensitive. The range of sensitivity gives a difference in time of detecting day/night of 1.5 hours.

Note: If more than one LDS300 sensor needs to be connected to NetControl (most models have only one alarm input), the LDS300 could connect to some of the sensor inputs. Such a binding scheme is illustrated here.

Typical response of day to night and night to day light changing is illustrated on the following graph. The two lines show the performance when the trimer is set to its end right position and to the left one. The second graph is captured when the weather was very cloudy and day light not so intense.

 LDS300 vecher 19 04 2020 normalno

LDS300 sutrin 21 04 2020 oblachno