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  For places where it is necessary to install more AC voltage detectors of the VDS300 type, we offer you this option, which contains 8 galvanically isolated voltage detector circuits in the 110-220VAC range.

  In addition, we have added 8 filter groups of the ACS40 type. All of this is housed in the DIN rail housing that we also use in the NetControl models.

Connecting detectors to NetControl

   To read the information from the AC voltage detectors, the NetControl 'Alarm' type inputs are used, which is available on all models that have the symbols '*A' in the model. Outputs 1...8 connect to the 'Alarm' inputs and the 'GND' pin to the NetControl's 'GND' (available on all models)

   The alternating voltage phase is supplied to terminals L1...L8; the neutral is common and there are two 'N' terminals for it. ATTENTION!!! Observe the safety instructions when working with mains voltages!