WDS300 signals when water appears between its terminals. It is necessary the liquid to has conductivity close or better tap water's. Sensor will not work with distilled water. After the liquid withdraw the sensor will restore its initial state.


The WDS300 sensor is designed to be mounted vertically: the metal electrodes point to the surface to be monitored for water. Since the electrodes are 2mm inwards from the edge of the case, it can be mounted as close as possible to the floor surface, making sure that the liquid can pass trough to the electrodes ( if the surface is elastic). The double-sided adhesive on the back can be used for attaching the sensor to suitable vertical surface.

Connection to NetControl

The WDS300 connects to Sensor 1..4 external sensor inputs (depending on the model). In the NetControl WEB interface, the corresponding input must be set to "Contact Switch (Alarm)" mode. The presence of water between the electrodes will be written as "CLOSED" in the NetControl interface; "OPENED" will be in the absence of water. If SNMP is used for tracking the sensor: in the absence of water, the ADC will return a value of about 930 units; in the presence of water: the value will be close to 0 units.

Technical parameters

Power supply 3.3VDC
Power consumption when sensor is activated <1m
Response time <2s
Cabel type ШВПЛА 2х0.25 and
Cable length 5m
Plastic case dimension 47x23x22мм
Case material polystyrene, black

 Cvilux CI01 (3 terminal)

tds300 pinout