This model is no longer manufactured!

You can reaplace it with NetControl 2RU2S1A1P.


This model is specially developed for ISP (Internet Service Provider) aiming to cover the most typical needs for control and monitoring in city LANs. It is extremely convеnient for integration inside local telecommunication racks/cabinets in systems with centralized powering trough the free pairs in UTP/FTP cables (simple PoE), especially due to integrated power converter module allowing device to be directly powered from the centralized power. The integrated power converter delivers 12VDC for internal operation of device while allowing customer to use this voltage for powering external devices (12VDC voltage is available on the screw terminals panel).

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Input-output channels in NetControl 2RU1T1A1P:

  • reboot/control (SPDT relay contacts) of up to 2pcs branches (with ability of automatic reboot on PING lost to on IP address)

  • direct powering of device from Unet voltage (max. 110VAC/150VDC) via integrated high-efficiency converter for 12VDC
  • Auxillary output of internal 12VDC for powering external device (e.g. ethernet switch)
  • measurement of power supply voltage of the centralized system (до 110VAC/150VDC)

  • measurеment of rack/cabinet temperature or humidity (with external sensor TDS300 or HDS300)

  • integrated "theremoregulator" mode between temperature sensor and of the relay channels

  • alarm input (for mechanical contact/button) for signalization (SNMP trap) of rack/cabinet burglary

  • plastic case dimensions 118x72x35mm

Basic network function (for more see user manual)

  • 10 BASE-T Ethernet (NO CrossOver Autodetect);

  • Supported protocols ARP/DHCP/ICMP/TCP/IP/SNMP/TFTP client/WEB server

  • 802.1q VLAN support

  • SNMPv1 (ONLY snmpget/snmpset) protocol for access to all parameters and functions;

  • SNMP traps generation on input change;

  • Output signal generation on analog input change;

  • WEB access to all parameters and functions;

  • TFTP client for firmware update



  • control and monitoring in quarter and building telecom racks/cabinets

  • automatic reboot on PING lost of hung home network equipment (ADSL modem, routers, APs)
  • general purpose 2 channel relay module with Web/SNMP control
  • IP guarding

  • IP thermometer and thermoregulator; IP humidity meter


um icon Application notes


um icon User manual, specs and SNMP MIB


firmware Latest firmware image (also publicly available by TFTP at

IMPORTANT! Before updating, please read "FirmwareRevisionHistory.txt" from archive for information on how the new version will affect your current settings!


firmware Beta firmware with support of MQTTs (TLSv1.2)