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This model is equpped with a special housing for DIN rail mounting and focuses on 0-10V communication: 6 inputs and 2 outputs are available.In addition, there are 4 relay outputs with normally open contacts. The device is powered by 24VDC for easier integration into existing automation systems.

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Input-output channels in NetControl 4R6I2O

  • 4 normally open relay outputs for load up to 6A/220VAC (12A/24VDC)
  • 6pcs. analog 0 - 10V inputs with 12-bit ADC. Input resistance> 5kOhm. It is permissible to connect the input to the supply voltage (24V) to use the input as an "alarm" (for security this can be done through a series resistor of 5-10k).
  • 2 pcs. analog outputs 0 - 10V (50mV / step, 200 steps) with short-circuit protection. Minimum load resistance 2.2kOhm. at the output (I <12mA).
  • Power supply: 24VDC (18-28VDC), consumption <100mA
  • Housing made of light gray ABS V0 (self-extinguishing); dimensions 105x65x90mm


Basic functions and network protocols supported

  • 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet (Auto MDI/MDIX) with differential overvoltage surge protections
  • Supported protocols ARP/DHCP/ICMP/TCP/IP/SNTP/SNMP/TFTP client/WEB server/MQTT/SPC Cloud
  • 802.1q VLAN support
  • SNMPv1 (ONLY snmpget/snmpset) protocol for access to all parameters and functions
  • SNMP traps and MQTT events generation on input change
  • Flexible user-defined system of sequences of actions (Macros)
  • Start of macros on analog input change (Automation)
  • Start of Macros on PING lost to IP addresses (PING monitor)
  • Real-time software clock (RTC) with the ability to start Macros at user-defined time
  • WEB access to all parameters and functions
  • TFTP client for firmware update
  • Firmware update in Web interface



  • Access and control of sensors / drivers with 0-10V interface via Internet
  • Automation systems with remote access via the Internet
  • IP alarm system, such as panic buttons in hotels or security of telecommunication cabinets
  • restart (automatically in case of PING loss / manually) of network equipment (routers, ADSL modems, servers, etc.)
  • general purpose 4 channel relay module with Web/SNMP/MQTT/SPC Cloud control


um icon Application notes


um icon User manual, specs and SNMP MIB


firmware Latest firmware image (also publicly available by TFTP at

IMPORTANT! Before updating, please read "FirmwareRevisionHistory.txt" from archive for information on how the new version will affect your current settings!


firmware Beta firmware with support of MQTTs (TLSv1.2)