Firmware v5.3 is released (only for PicoIPv2 based devices). Major changes in this firmware are:

- Optimized configuration of ADC leads to better and more stable readings of analog sensors

- Added command in Misc menu for setting channel names to factory default

- All web files are tagged with no cahce tags, so for future - firmware update will not need browsers cache clearing

- A lot of bug fixes in web interface and internal code

 For those who use version 5.1 there are also important features, coming from Firwamre v5.2:

- All IO output ports can now save last state in non volatile memory and restore the state after reboot (Initial State=Last in I/O Settings)

- A button in Misc menu is added for restoring factory default channel names


 A template for Zabbix (open source monitoring system) is now available for easy integration of your NetControl device with external monitoring software!


We also made some changes in the template for Cacti and now user can access graphs for all 4 sensors (depends on model) and for humidity too. Template was generated and tested under Version 1.1.35.

cacti template graph