We are pleased to inform you that a new NetControl v5.7 firmware (for PicoIPv2 core) is now available to support communication protocol - MQTT.

mqtt logo

    MQTT has become popular over the past years for IoT solutions and is maintained and used by all open source automation products - Domoticz, OpenHAB, NodeRed. With this new feature, you will be able to integrate a NetControl device into these platforms and implement your own monitoring and automation system.  MQTT servers with free limited access are available, so it is easy to test the functionality of MQTT (we have run CloudMQTT tests). For DIY fans Mosquitto is available: an open-source server/broker available for Linux, Windows and MAC.

    The connection to SmartSpace Cloud is the other option for NetControl external control (you can choose one of the two control modes).

    In firmware v5.7 a WEB interface bug is fixed, that prevents the setting of as an IP address for a SNMP trap server (which is used to deactivate the sending of trap messages.

    Important NOTE: If you are updating device with firmware version older than v5.2 a reset to default settings may be needed (via reset button)!