news macrosWe are pleased to inform you that a new NetControl v5.12 firmware is already available, in which we have introduced a completely new module, "Macros", which allows you to create a series of actions and delays with output circuits (as well as chain and loop macros ). You can then start these sequences manually (via Web or SNMP) and use them as an action in the "Automation" and "Ping Monitor" modules. This greatly expands the ability to create different algorithms and output management scenarios (so far this was also possible, but only through the use of external software and / or SmartSpace Cloud).

news automation

 We have also upgraded the "Automation" module - now you have the ability to define two sensors and their difference to serve as an action builder. This way you can realize a differential thermostat - a task common to solar and heating systems. The Automation module itself is a reworked part in the generation of SNMP traps, as it is found that it did not function as described.

    We have also fixed various other bugs found. Overall, upgrading to this version is highly recommended, not least because of the introduction of the new concept of "Macros" that we plan to use as a basis for other future features.


IMPORTANT !!! Upgrading to this version restores the factory settings of the "Automation" module; saves the basic settings in "PingMonitor" by setting "None" to a run macro. Before upgrading to it, write down the current settings of the "Automation" block so that you can then restore them. You will definitely need to define the required Macros for these features to work as they have done before (at least it will be necessary to make macros on/off/restart for each of the outputs used)!