In the new firmware v5.58, we have added two new steps "EXIT IF" and "Skip next step IF". With them you can implement a branch in the action of the macro depending on the state/value of the input/output channels. These steps use two cells, in the second ("IF value") the value to be compared is set.

IF steps

   The new functions in the macros allow a more optimal solution to the task of implementing a thermostat with permission (for example, air conditioning with deactivation when the window/door is open). The idea is developed in the updated version of the application document

   In this version, the "Circular event log" option has been added in the "I/O Settings" menu - through it you can implement a circular buffer in the Event Log and thus always see the latest events (in this mode, there are 50 of them). This mode is suitable for systems with an established mode of operation, and the previous one (buffer with filling) - for the analysis of a rapidly passing set of events.

   Fixed some bugs also.