In firmware v5.59 we have added a new functionality - 8 virtual input/output ports ('Virtual IO'). These are software registers that allow you to set a value, use it in Macros conditions and actions, and generate Automation events when it changes. I.e. they are absolutely analogous to hardware ports in terms of functionality and allow the creation of even more complex automatic tasks. After restart their values are not preserved, but reset to zero.
    'Virtual IO' are available via Web, MQTT (write/read) and ModbusTCP (read only as 32bit registers).

    The applicatio note "Thermostat with permission" is updated again, with the added use of 'Virtual IO', which allow the inclusion of 'Timers' without using an additional relay.


   Also new is the delay in applying an ON command to Manual/Toggle outputs. With the "Delay[s]" parameter in 'IO Settings' you can set a delay ("filter") in the action of the output: in case you have a sequence of fast ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON, the output will only the last "ON" after the delay time has expired is applied. This way you will neutralize the many switchings that are not recommended for some loads (contactors, electric motors, etc.). The same field is used in which the pulse length is entered for outputs of the "Impulse output" type.