Version 3.xx is a brand new concept, specially developed for the NetControl devices. It is primary aim is achievement of unified WEB interface and SNMP structure for all modeles and all kind of input-output channels.

What is new in version 3.xx?

  • new Web design and functions - direct visualisation according to attachehd sensors (e.g in degrees when TDS300 is used)
  • unified SNMP structure for access to every IO channel
  • every output (e.g. relay) has manual, impulse and "toggle" operating mode
  • 8 channels PING monitoring block that can send command to specified output channel
  • 8 channels Automation block (based on the older 'Analog Events') with convinient interface allowing setting of analog parameters (temperature, voltage, etc.) directly in their dimension wihtout the need of extra calculations
  • Integrated connectivity with cloud platform: access to channels from anywhere. No need of specific network settings, access to history, reports, alrets and powerfull automated tasks.