We have the pleasure to introduce new NetControl model 4PC2R with an unique function: 4 pulse counting channels trough which you can remotely read electricity, gas, water and other measurŠµment devices wich are equipped with standard pulse output.

In NetControl's Web interface you can setup pulse constant and current device reading - thus you can "read" it remotely via Web. You have also SNMP access to counters when you need to integrate device in external/custom system.

Further advances you get when using the cloud platform with your NetControl 4PC2R - there you can define your custom (or use some predefined) tariff plans with prices for different periods. And then you can get 24/7 information about your consumption and its price for different periods and tariff periods.

The automation module ("Macros") in the cloud accepts your current consumption value as a rule for starting user defined list of actions/alerts.

I addition to pulse counters in this model are available two SPDT relay contacts rated for up to 7A/250VAC. You can control whatever you want with these two relays via Web, SNMP or the cloud.