The main chainge in this version is in HTTP server - locking to only one IP address is removed. Also the brute-force protection system is changed to allow the lastly logged user's IP address to continue access even when a brute-force is detected. When server is in brute-force blockin mode it returns page "503 Service unavilable" instead of closing server port.

A 'cookie' is added in main interface page to keep to 'refresh' parameter value.

For 4RU1SH2S model the sign of current is inverted and also a software averaging (approx. at 1.3s) is implemented for current measurements to allow more pricese results.

For 4PC2R model: a counter forced store is added when a software command for reboot of module is applied.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, assure Web browser's cache is cleared after updating firmware to allow changes to be loaded.