It is MANDATORY to update to version 3.14 to get access to the cloud platform (it was moved to another servers). All users, already members of the cloud do not need to take any action, but other will not be able to coonect their devices to cloud.

To make upgrade easier we have build-up an public TFTP server that will contain this and all future firmware versions. To make an update follow theese simple steps:

1) Assure your NetControl device has access to Internet trough your network.

2) In "IP Settings" menu of Web interface, set  "TFTP server IP address" to Check the option "TFTP Client" is 'enabled'.

3) Click on 'Start Firmware Update via TFTP' from 'Misc' menu. Wait while the process is finished and in the 'IP Settings' menu page you must see the version number changed to 3.14. If value not changed, try again. On permanent fault contact us for help.

Still possible is to update via local TFTP if you can not supply Internet connection to device.