Here is a list of most important changes implemented in this firmware release.

  • "Ping data size" in Ping Monitoring is added: now user can define the length of data (in bytes) for the ECHO requests. This allows diagnostic with different Ethernet frame length.
  • "" now can be disabled/enabled by user. Function behaviour is added in user manual.
  • ACT Led now can be configured for different functions: e.g. for flashing on incoming ICMP frames.

A lot of bugfixes are also implemented in Web interface and internal functions for pulse counting in NetControl 4PC2R model.

NOTE: After firmware update it is recommended to clear your WEB browser's cache or use CTRL+F5 on all WEB pages to assure the most recent content is loaded. Please, double check your settings after upgrading to v3.17 (although our best effort to keep all current settings, it is possible to have some undesirable impact on settings, because of new modes added). As a guaranteed stepe, settting default IO settings will guarantee work without any issues.